What serviced offices can do for your Business

With around 2,300 serviced offices across the country, the UK has a bigger service office market than the rest of Europe and the U.S.

For businesses of all sizes, renting a serviced office space can be a great way of establishing the company’s reputation and maintaining a professional image, while at the same time helping to cut the costs of basing your business in the perfect location. Serviced office spaces are available across the UK and provide flexible office space.

Creates credibility

Having a clear office space, provides your business with a physical address that creates a credible and professional image to your clients. It provides you with a professional and private space to meet with clients and if you are hoping to expand your workforce, you can also carry out interview here.

With a serviced office, you know that your visitors will always be greeted and attended to by the on-site receptionist and be able to wait in a comfortable and professional waiting area.

Offers flexibility

One of the main advantages of basing your business in a serviced office, is the flexibility it gives you. You are not tied into a lease and can increase or decrease your service plan to meet your specific business needs as and when you need to.

Furthermore, serviced offices make it easier for you to manage your expenditure. You will just have one monthly bill to pay, instead of rent, utility bills, maintenance charges, making it easier for you to budget your outgoings. The service plan is created to suit you and your business, whether you need long or short term lease.

Variation of services available

Different serviced office providers will offer different facilities. But in general, serviced offices provide everything you need without having to purchase the items up front. Facilities and maintenance staff are usually taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about security or cleaning the office space. They can supply desks, chairs and telephones, an IT infrastructure. If things go wrong, service operators can take care of any problems.

Many providers also supply staff who can work on reception, take calls, handle mail and greet visitors who come to the building. This service makes it easier to maintain a professional client facing businesses without the costs associated with employing more employees.

Boosts productivity

An organised, professional office space provides company staff with a base to work from and store equipment and any resources. It means staff can work more efficiently, encourages team working, which inevitably boosts productivity and creates good morale across your workforce.

Office space in an ideal location

Serviced offices make it affordable and achievable to base your business in a prime location. Being located near good transport links is essential for visitors and clients. You can also situate yourself near other businesses, allowing you the opportunity to build relationships, partnerships and network.


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