Social Enterprise

Lanarkshire is an area which takes pride in the strong sense of community it has always nurtured. This sense of community has led to a growing number of social enterprises in the area, all working towards common goals of improving the local communities or tackling social issues across the region. Social enterprises operate on a basis where all profits are driven back into the business or the local community, a real bonus for the Lanarkshire economy.

There are over 150 social enterprises in Lanarkshire, generating an annual income of more than £200m. They cover a wide range of sectors from transport to food and drink. Companies like LAMH Recycle regularly push boundaries, not only focusing on recycling and refurbishing electrical equipment but also providing a stimulating work environment for individuals facing barriers to employment such as mental health illnesses or physical disability.

Local councils are dedicated to forging strong partnerships with social enterprises to increase public sector procurement spend and boost data on the local economy, as well as utilising the findings and work of social enterprises to influence policy making and to measure the added value on the social return on investment. North Lanarkshire Council was the Social Enterprise Scotland 2013 Award winner for Social Enterprise Market Builder, due to their strong and clear focus on developing and encouraging social enterprise in the region.

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