Case Study

TC Biopharm

TC BioPharm is based at Maxim Office Park at Eurocentral and is a new company, only founded in July 2013. A strong platform of clinical safety data and compelling evidence for clinical benefit in cancer patients, TC BioPharm’s leading product, culture expanded autologous γδ T cells, will enter UK-based phase 2/3 studies in melanoma patients during 2015.

An innovative and research-driven company, TC BioPharm benefited from a perfect location between Glasgow and Edinburgh for their clinical research base. The M8 allows clear access to two major international airports and the site is also well equipped to ensure the skilled workforce are happy and motivated.

Dr Michael Leek, Chief Executive of TC BioPharm said “Maxim in North Lanarkshire provided the infrastructure and support to build a GMP-compliant clinical research facility from the ‘ground-up’, in a cost-effective manner, with the minimum of fuss.”

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january, 2019

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