Case Study

Albert Bartlett

Albert Bartlett was established in 1948 and is dedicated to providing tasty, wholesome food for proper meals, developing its range to fit with today’s meal providers. They purchase potatoes from farmers, then wash, grade and pack them before distributing them to retailers. Today Albert Bartlett provides 1 in 5 of all potatoes sold in the UK.

Albert Bartlett chose Lanarkshire because it’s in their roots. Albert Bartlett cares about the local people in Lanarkshire. They are committed to educating the next generation about healthy living, with their initiatives ranging from children’s books to cooking and marketing related competitions.

The company have also benefited from business support with some of their employees being helped by North Lanarkshire Council’s Supported Employment Services and North Lanarkshire’s Working Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy programme.

The multi-award winning company believes that being located in Lanarkshire offers them a sustainable future where they can continue to thrive.

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january, 2019

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