Choosing the Right Area when Relocating your Business

There are many reasons a business may need to move into new premises. It could be they’re looking for the best business areas Scotland or elsewhere has to offer and want to maximise on the potential of these areas. It could be simply time to open new premises or it could be an issue of growth and not having enough space in the current premises. Whatever the reason to look for better business areas UK business owners and those from around the rest of the world should keep these points in mind.


It may sound obvious but is the place right? What does your business need from its location? Do you need to be well connected to a main transport network? Do you want to be surrounded by other businesses and part of a dedicated business district in a city or county? The business areas UK business owners can choose from include those with a more generalised atmosphere, with no specific niche or cluster brought together or they can be specialised like the tech hub known as Silicon Beach in Brighton.

On a practical level proximity to local towns and cities as well as transport links is important for ensuring you can employ staff able to commute. Lanarkshire is a fine example of just the right level of connectivity, as business owners can easily access the rest of the Scotland, he UK and the rest of the world, with three airports within an hour’s drive and direct links to the UK’s rail lines. This is in addition to motorways.


Once you have found the business area which suits your firm, it’s time to look to premises. Dependent on your industry you may need a specific kind of property and you may be deciding whether to purchase or rent. Many business owners rent purpose-built properties in business parks to place them amongst like-minded, driven individuals and companies. You may require specialist premises such as warehousing or laboratory space and these are considerations you need to keep in mind when looking at the business parks and premises in your chosen area. In Lanarkshire we’re lucky to have an impressive range of business parks which cater to a wide range of different kinds of firms, from start-ups to large, well-established companies.


There is no point finding a dream location for your business and then realising it is too difficult for staff to reach. You may want to ensure public transport links to your premises as well as simply by road to ensure you can access the best young and thriving talent in the area. Relocation may also mean uprooting some staff from your current location so it is worth discussing their feelings towards the new area too.

Lanarkshire boasts the second largest popular of all Scotland’s region and it has a working age population of 425,000. Award winning colleges in the area produce bright, motivated young people looking for their next professional move and with a base in one of the best business areas Scotland has to offer, you can be sure to attract some of this talent.


july, 2018

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