Why your Business should Relocate to Scotland?

Scottish culture is heralded around the world but when you choose to relocate your business, you want more than a great atmosphere. Business relocation in Scotland is a great opportunity for many businesses and comes with many benefits. Below we’re looking at just some of the reasons you should consider Scottish relocation of your business.

  1. Affordable Rent

Cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow still have the central location and value of bigger metropolitan hubs, but the rents are much cheaper. You can make even more of a saving if you choose to relocate to a business park outside one of the major cities, allowing you to use your capital more effectively for business growth.

The money you save on rents may be able to be put back into the business more effectively.

  1. Great Connections

Some of Scotland’s biggest cities are still relatively compact so commuting is never an issue. What’s more even choosing a location outside of the city does not stop you from benefitting from the great transport links across the country.

  1. Industry Leader

Scotland is a centre excellence and leading region for many different industries. Electronic technologies are one of Scotland’s leading industries and it is in the top 10 for financial services providers in Europe. The food industry in Scotland is currently thriving and there are consistently more and more opportunities in the country for new and emerging businesses and businesspeople. There’s a pool of motivated talent from the country’s highly respected universities too.

  1. Quality Work and Home Life

Quality of living in Scotland is always ranked highly. With huge swathes of green space and towns buzzing with life and opportunity, there is something for everyone in Scotland. Families have many great schools and communities to become part of and thrive in.

Relocating your business to Scotland, whether that’s from another part of the UK or overseas, has many benefits. There is huge potential for already flourishing companies as well as new firms and start-ups. There are many different business centres and parks in Scotland, allowing for innovative and like-minded communities to develop.


january, 2019

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