Why is a Business Park the Best Location for your Company?

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business you need to find the right location to base your headquarters. If you’re looking to relocate or simply find your first premises, it makes logical sense to consider the business parks Scotland has to offer. Business parks are purpose-built for enterprise and they offer many immediate benefits for companies of all shapes and sizes. Below is a closer look at exactly why you should consider a business park HQ for your company:

Business Focus

As mentioned, choosing a business park means you are actively choosing a location for your company that was built or re-purposed with business in mind. Offices may be serviced, warehouses may be fully equipped with the fixtures and fittings required. A business park offers premises which combine the blank canvas you may need with the facilities which help you get off the ground or get started quickly and effectively.

Like-Minded Neighbours

It may not seem like a particularly important thing but basing your company on a dedicated business park means you are surrounded by like-minded driven professionals. Other entrepreneurs and business leaders are running their companies alongside you and many may share your drive and passion. Some business parks have get togethers, networking and more for your tenants so this can be a great way of getting the most out of the ready-made business community around you.

Flexible Growth

Most business parks have capacity and opportunity for you to move premises as your business grows. You may begin only needing a small office space but in time, your need grows and it is much easier to move to a new office on the same premises than having to find a brand-new location. Most business parks are flexible with their requirements if you’re hoping to upgrade to larger premises and they can also facilitate your need to downsize, should this become necessary.

Cost Effective

Most business parks are based outside of major cities and towns yet still boast great transport connections. However, not being in the heart of a city or busy town means the rental prices on business parks are usually much cheaper than central premises. The connected nature of most parks now means there’s no downside to basing yourself outside of town. You get the benefit of more capital to put into your business and the same high quality facilities as an inner city base.


december, 2018

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