Bringing your Tourist Business to Lanarkshire

The tourism industry in Scotland is growing year on year and Lanarkshire has seen the benefit of this, with more tourists coming to the area every year too. With cultural sites, fascinating heritage and its own unique personality, the area is a wonderful choice for businesses looking to grow and expand in the tourist sector.

As well as being home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Lanarkshire’s job market is significantly boosted by the tourist sector. Around £317m is brought into the local economy by the 3 million tourists who visit the area every year and this generates approximately 6000 jobs in the area. If you operate in the tourism sector and are looking for a new base, it’s clear relocating to Lanarkshire comes with many benefits.

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The Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership (LATP) promotes tourism in the area and helps to ensure that the county can work together to ensure there is great access to attractions and plenty of accommodation options in the area. If your tourism business is in hospitality and hotels or any other tourist sector, you can turn to the local support body LATP for guidance and help in ensuring your business is the best it can be.

Dedicated tourism offices throughout Lanarkshire provide the support needed for businesses in this sector. The Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan helps to guide the offices and officers in their business, helping to ensure your business is supported.

Relocating your tourism business to Lanarkshire is a big decision but once you see the many benefits the area offers, it makes good sense. If you have experience in a key tourist sector then Lanarkshire could be the market you’re looking for and it will give you a chance to test your expertise in a new and emerging area.


january, 2019

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